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Thigh fat

Running, lunges, squats, and dieting can only do so much. If you are frustrated by not seeing the results you want from these activities, CoolSculpting will help.

CoolSculpting is a great option for men and women who want to slim down that list bit of frustrating fat along their thighs. The technology is safe to use and will provide long-lasting improvements. 

Slim down your thighs and feel your best with CoolSculpting.

About CoolSculpting

Scientists discovered that cold temperatures affect fat cells long before they affect the skin or muscles. This discovery was made after scientists noted that children who ate a lot of popsicles often developed dimples. From their hypothesis and scientific findings, they developed cryolipolysis. Cryolipolysis is the science of fat freezing and has been marketed to the public as CoolSculpting. 

CoolSculpting is similar to liposuction in that it is a body contouring technique.

However, CoolSculpting is a non-surgical fat removal technique. No incisions, injections, anesthesia, narcotics, or lengthy preparation is included in a CoolSculpting treatment. With no invasive steps required, CoolSculpting will not put you at risk of scarring or require an extended downtime. The treatment is convenient and effective!

Freezing fat cells with CoolSculpting provides long-lasting results. Cold temperatures will kill stubborn fat cells in the treatment area. Once the fat cells are metabolized by the body, they won’t be able to return. The fat stores in your thighs will be impacted for the rest of your life

CoolSculpting treatment is performed with an applicator. Applicators have been strategically made for areas all over the body.

CoolSculpting treatment areas include under the chin, upper arms, back, abdomen, love handles, and thighs. CoolSculpting the thighs may include treating banana rolls. These rolls develop along the back of the upper thigh right below the butt. CoolSculpting can help freeze thigh fat and help smooth out your legs and profile.

For inner thigh fat, the CoolAdvantage Applicator has been made. The inner thigh is soft and has a more pinchable fat in the area. The CoolAdvantage Applicator will treat the fat and help to slim down the area. Some people are able to achieve an inner thigh gap with a CoolSculpting treatment. The outer thigh fat is a bit tougher and not pinchable. For this fat, the CoolSmooth Pro Applicator has been designed. This applicator will smooth outer thigh bulges and help smooth out your curves.

CoolSculpting applicators will help you freeze fat away safely and in a timely manner. Treatments last about thirty-five minutes and don’t require downtime!

CoolSculpting Your Thighs With Dr. John Michael Quinn

CoolSculpting Kansas City

Dr. Quinn is an exceptional plastic and reconstructive surgeon with about thirty years of experience. He is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and is always learning new cutting-edge techniques that provide the best results for his patients.

Dr. Quinn customizes each procedure to ensure healthy and ideal outcomes. CoolSculpting is a simple treatment that can provide great results. Dr. Quinn will work with you to plan out your best thigh CoolSculpting treatment plan. You know you are in good hands at Quinn Plastic Surgery!


CoolSculpting is simple, convenient and lets you enjoy slim thighs without all the stress that can come with an invasive surgery. This procedure allows you to just show up and relax at your appointment. You can easily return to your regular schedule after CoolSculpting. This procedure is ideal for people without a lot of time in their schedules. If you are interested in this straightforward treatment, schedule a consultation with Dr. Quinn today.


Fat removal without surgery is ideal for men and women with busy schedules. Some individuals don’t have time for an extensive recovery or don’t want to spend a lot of money on an invasive cosmetic procedure. That’s where CoolSculpting comes in! This effortless treatment will allow you to work towards your body goals without taking a chunk of time out of your schedule. A meeting with Dr. Quinn will help you determine if CoolSculpting is the best solution for you.

If you are bothered by thick thighs or bothersome fat that just won’t budge, CoolSculpting is your best non-surgical solution!

Personal Consultation

Shrink Thighs with CoolSculpting

This meeting will help Dr. Quinn determine if CoolSculpting is a healthy option for you. Men and women with pre-existing health conditions that deter proper healing or interaction with cold temperatures may need to find an alternative solution to slimming down their thighs. Dr. Quinn will ask about your medical history, medications and examine your thighs to better understand how to create your treatment plan.

We encourage patients to ask lots of questions and voice any concerns that they may have. Dr. Quinn will make sure to take the time to address your thoughts and help you understand the Coolsculpting process and how it will impact your thighs.


A CoolSculpting procedure is simple and non-invasive. It does not require extensive preparation like other cosmetic treatments. Dr. Quinn and you will discuss the process in your consultation and he will inform you of any steps you can take to prepare for your CoolSculpting appointment.


When you arrive at your appointment, you will have a seat in one of our state-of-the-art rooms. CoolSculpting applicators will be applied to your thighs and you will get to relax for about thirty-five minutes. 

Applicators are suctioned to the legs, allowing them to remain in place and draw fat cells up to the surface of your skin.

The cold temperatures will numb your treatment areas and you will be provided with blankets to keep you comfortable. When the treatment is over you will feel some pressure as the devices are removed. Your legs will be massaged for a few minutes to get blood circulating and get your legs started on the process of regaining feeling.


There is no downtime required with CoolSculpting! Your legs will be cold for a few hours after treatment. As feeling is regained, you will feel tingling sensations. These sensations may occur for up to forty eight hours. If you have any questions during this time period please give our office a call so we can assist you.


Over the following weeks, your body will remove dead fat cells and metabolize them. The result will be slender and sexy thighs. Results will be noticeable after three weeks but your final outcome will set in after a few months. The outcome achieved with CoolSculpting will last you a long time. CoolSculpting lowers the fat stores in your legs, the fat removed cannot return. The best way to maximize your results and keep them looking great is to eat healthy and be active.

Complementary Procedures

Cellulite Solution at Quinn Plastic Surgery

A CoolSculpting treatment will not remove cellulite. However, Dr. Quinn also offers ThermiSmooth to reduce cellulite and irregular surfaces to maximize results! ThermiSmooth uses radio frequency to impact the surface of the skin and boost collagen levels. Collagen is one of the fundamental elements of healthy skin. Collagen holds up the skin and helps it keep its shape. Over time, less and less collagen is made by the skin. This causes sagging skin and irregular surfaces. ThermiSmooth boosts collagen levels to smooth out the surface of areas such as the thighs. 

Cellulite is caused by fat cells pushing against the surface of the skin. The heat from ThermiSmooth will help smooth out these cells and boost the quality of the skin. ThermiSmooth is a non-invasive treatment that doesn’t require downtime. A painless procedure, ThermiSmooth will maximize your CoolSculpting results.

Treatment time is minimal and you can see some improvement after a few days.

We recommend a few treatments to ensure your best outcome. With additional treatments, your final outcome will be noticeable after three to six months. These results will be long-lasting and let you enjoy smooth, soft thighs. If you are interested in getting your best outcome and truly impact the appearance of your thighs, express your interest in combining CoolSculpting and ThermiSmooth during your consultation with Dr. Quinn.


Your treatment cost will be particular to you. Dr. Quinn customizes procedures based on health and desired results. If you are interested in learning more about CoolSculpting give our office a call at (913) 663-5483 or schedule your own personal consultation by clicking here.


Does CoolSculpting work on thigh cellulite?

No. CoolSculpting affects the fat layer below the skin and not the skin’s surface. ThermiSmooth is a great way to maximize your CoolSculpting results. ThermiSmooth is a non-surgical technique that implements radiofrequency technology to smooth out the skin and get rid of pesky cellulite.

Is CoolSculpting permanent?

CoolSculpting provides long-lasting results. Keep your results looking great for years by engaging in cardio and eating healthy. A wholesome lifestyle will keep your legs looking great for years to come!

Does CoolSculpting work on inner thighs?

Yes! CoolSculpting is a great way to slim down the inner thighs and may even help you achieve an inner thigh gap. If you are bothered by jiggly inner thighs or inner thighs that touch CoolSculpting can help you slim down the area and help you look your best.

How much is CoolSculpting for thighs?

The cost of your procedure will relate to the details involved in your treatment plan. Dr. Quinn and you will create a plan to achieve your desired aesthetic. The cost of this plan will be discussed in your personal consultation.

Can ice packs reduce fat?

No. Ice packs do not provide the same consistent temperatures to a specific area that CoolSculpting does. CoolSculpting applicators target a specific area, like the thighs, and will impact the overall fat stores there. Ice packs were not designed to treat areas all over the body and will not provide the same results CoolSculpting will.