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Abdominal coolsculpting

Do you have frustrating belly fat? Freeze away your jiggles with Abdominal CoolSculpting at Quinn Plastic Surgery!

Abdominal CoolSculpting is a quick, comfortable way to slim down your stomach, without interrupting your busy schedule. In just a little over half an hour, you can freeze away the stubborn fat that makes you reach for shapewear before dinner and your shirt at the beach. CoolSculpting’s impressive results make it the number one non-invasive fat-fighting procedure in the world!

To learn more about how Abdominal CoolSculpting has helped thousands of men and women lose their last pounds and achieve a flat, slim stomach, schedule a private CoolSculpting consultation at Quinn Plastic Surgery today!

About Abdominal CoolSculpting

The abdomen is one of the most common sources of stubborn subcutaneous fat on the body. As many frustrated men and women already know, subcutaneous fat is notoriously resistant to diet and exercise. Even the most healthy people can have a visible deposit of fat over their stomachs! If you have exhausted your weight loss efforts and still have pinchable fat on your abdomen, you are an excellent candidate to freeze away fat!

The science of Abdominal CoolSculpting enables patients to reduce their stomach fat, without taking more than forty minutes out of their day!

CoolSculpting is a cryolipolysis treatment that applies controlled, cold temperatures to trigger the breakdown of stubborn fat deposits. Studies show that fat cells, when exposed to specific cold temperatures, undergo cell death. The fall cells break down and are disposed of through natural processes in the body. You can watch your belly fat shrink before your eyes over the weeks following your treatment! 

A single session of CoolSculpting will reduce fat on the abdomen by up to 25%. Results continue to improve with subsequent sessions. Patients see their ideal, slimmest results within two to three Abdominal CoolSculpting sessions.

Dr. Quinn and his team of specialists custom-tailor every CoolSculpting procedure to guarantee his patients receive the most effective, appropriate treatment for them.

Abdominal CoolSculpting is pain-free and requires no downtime. Get the stomach you want, without interruptions, thanks to CoolSculpting! 

Is Abdominal CoolSculpting Right for Me?

Say goodbye to shapewear, thanks to Abdominal CoolSculpting! If you are a busy man or woman who has a little bit of extra around the middle, you are an excellent candidate for the benefits of CoolSculpting. 

Ideal candidates for Abdominal CoolSculpting:

  • Have fat on their stomach that has not responded to diet and exercise
  • Are within a few pounds of their goal weight
  • Have healthy skin laxity
  • Have optimistic but realistic expectations for the outcome of their procedure
  • Want to improve their body but do not have time for downtime
  • Are over 18

One of the benefits of CoolSculpting is that we can easily and safely address multiple treatment areas during a single CoolSculpting session. DualSculpting is a popular choice! Patients frequently opt to slim down two areas at once to make the most improvements to their body contours at once. Patients often combine tummy CoolSculpting with the chin, arm, or thigh CoolSculpting. 

CoolSculpting is not designed as an alternative to healthy weight loss efforts. It is intended to help overall healthy individuals achieve their preferred body contours. Patients are advised to complete the majority of their intended weight loss before receiving abdominal CoolSculpting. 

Personal Consultation

CoolSculpting meeting

Ready to learn more about abdominal CoolSculpting? We will be happy to answer any questions you have about this cutting-edge treatment during a personalized consultation at Quinn Plastic Surgery.

Every CoolSculpting treatment we provide is tailored to the unique goals of our patients. We will discuss your medical history and medication use with you in order to make sure your treatment plan is the most appropriate for you! Together, we will discuss your treatment options and create a procedure plan that will deliver the slim, smooth abdominal contour you are looking for.

If our expert staff believes you will accomplish your preferred results with an alternative body contouring procedure, they will share their professional opinion with you. For example, if a patient’s stomach bulge is a result of loose skin or strained abdominals, in addition to fat, they may be a better candidate for a skin tightening procedure like a tummy tuck or body lift. 


Abdominal CoolSculpting takes only thirty-five minutes. The treatment is completely comfortable and non-invasive. No downtime is required!

You will be able to treat your stomach and get right back to your day after CoolSculpting.

The applicator used to perform your abdominal CoolSculpting will depend on the area and amount of fat you would like to address. The CoolAdvantage Applicator with interchangeable contours is an excellent applicator to address the curves of the abdomen. The CoolAdvantage Plus Applicator is effective to address larger deposits of abdominal fat. Qualifying patients may receive treatment with two smaller applicators in order to accommodate their unique fat deposits. 

When you first arrive for your appointment, you will be given a comfortable seat in one of our plush CoolSculpting treatment chairs.

Your abdomen will be cleansed and a topical gel will be applied to the treatment area. Your chosen CoolSculpting applicator will be placed on the targeted area of the abdomen. The applicator will suction the skin to guarantee the accuracy of the treatment. The applicator will then emit targeted cold temperatures while the skin surrounding the treatment area is heated to a comfortable temperature. Patients may be aware of a sensation of cold for the first few minutes of treatment, but they do not experience any discomfort. 

Once your Abdominal CoolSculpting session is complete, one of our CoolSculpting specialists will massage the treated area. Post-procedure massage has shown to dramatically improve fat breakdown following treatment. 

Patients who decide to DualSculpt will have the benefit of slimming down two areas of their body, all in the same time span as a single CoolSculpting session.

Fat breakdown will begin immediately following your CoolSculpting treatment. Your body will flush the broken down fat over the weeks following your treatment as you work, sleep, and eat! 


No downtime is required following fat freezing! You will be able to get right back to your day after your treatment without issues.

Your stomach may be red, swollen, or sore following CoolSculpting. Tingling or temporary numbness is not unusual but will subside within a few days of treatment. We recommend that patients avoid heavy lifting or strenuous exercise for the first few days of recovery in order to ensure optimum fat breakdown.


CoolSculpting results

Most patients will notice that their tummy fat is shrinking within three weeks of CoolSculpting. The results of your abdominal CoolSculpting will continue to improve and final results will begin to appear within two to three months. The stomach can continue to slim down for up to six months following a CoolSculpting treatment!

A single CoolSculpting session will reduce belly fat in a treated area by up to 25%. Most patients achieve their ideal, flat stomach contour within two to three CoolSculpting sessions.  

Once fat cells are broken down, they will not return to the treated area. Patients who maintain a healthy, active lifestyle will enjoy their slim, smooth stomach contours for the long-term!


Do you lose weight with CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting will induce fat cell breakdown, resulting in a reduction of fat on the body. The loss of fat will lower the patient’s body mass. However, CoolSculpting is not intended to be received as a weight loss solution. CoolSculpting is best when performed on individuals who struggle to achieve their desired body contours with diet and exercise. Candidates for CoolSculpting are advised to complete the majority of their intended weight loss before undergoing tummy CoolSculpting.

Can ice packs reduce belly fat?

Ice pack application is not a recommended method of fighting belly fat. Extended exposure to ice packs increases the risks of tissue and nerve damage. Ice packs will not achieve the consistent fat-elimination achieved with the CoolSculpting applicators. Not only is the ice pack application an unsafe option, it will not produce cosmetically-pleasing results.

Is CoolSculpting dangerous?

CoolSculpting is not dangerous! In very rare cases, CoolSculpting can have the opposite effect desired and will harden the fat in the treated area. Once the fat is softened, it can be removed from the body. While fat hardening can be inconvenient for the patient, it will not pose a health risk. 

It is always recommended to receive CoolSculpting from a CoolSculpting-certified practice like Quinn Plastic Surgery in order to guarantee the best results from your treatment possible.

How much does CoolSculpting cost for my ideal, flat stomach?

The price of your CoolSculpting treatment will depend on the details of your procedure, such as the size of the area you would like to address and the number of treatments you anticipate receiving. Once you have created your custom treatment plan with our CoolSculpting specialists, you will receive an appropriate cost breakdown.

Where can I get CoolSculpting in Kansas City?

Quinn Plastic Surgery is happy to offer beautiful results and competitive CoolSculpting pricing to men and women in the Overland Park and greater Kansas City area.