Broadband Light Hair Removal for Men

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Laser Hair Removal for Men

No guy can complain when things are smooth and easy. That’s why broadband light hair removal for men is a growing trend in our industry. It is true that men love their razors. But what about unsightly back hair? Coarse chest hair? Even hairy buttocks? Unwanted hair in problem areas can not be easily (or safely) scraped away over the bathroom sink. For these and other issues, broadband light hair removal is the answer.   

Dr. John Michael Quinn and his keen med spa staff are trained and certified in the latest broadband light technology. Dr. Quinn has been a practicing plastic surgeon for over 33 years. He is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. He and his team serve the Kansas City community from the regionally renowned Quinn Plastic Surgery Center and Medical Spa.

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BroadBand Light (BBL) for Hair Reduction

BroadBand Light (BBL) is the cutting edge of intense pulsed light (IPL) technology. It may sound like science fiction, but broadband light and light-based devices have recently taken the aesthetic industry by storm. The optical science behind our machines is amazing. But, as the market has become saturated, there is now a spectrum of varying quality in many other devices. 

Here’s why BBL is the best. 

BroadBand Light sprays rays at multiple electromagnetic wavelengths to achieve its sleek results. A traditional broadband light only beams a single band of radiant energy, which limits its flexibility and effectiveness. broadband light hair removal is a dynamic procedure, requiring both power and finesse. BBL facilitates success with its array of advanced features

The Advantages of BroadBand Light[1]

  • CoolComfort Technology – Tempers intense pulsed light with precise temperature control for maximum effectiveness and patient safety  
  • Interchangeable Smart Filters – Enable wavelength adjustments on the fly to deal with the ever-changing nature of living skin
  • Finesse Adapters – Allow for both precision treatment of small areas (face, neck) and comprehensive treatment of large areas (back, chest) 
  • Consistent Energy Delivery – Parabolic optics eliminate hot or cold spots for consistent outcomes

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Benefits of Laser Hair Removal for Men

Every sort of man, from athletes to actors, have found benefit in the boons of broadband light-assisted hair reduction. The procedure is a brilliant solution for guys who suffer from painful ingrown hairs. So, whether it is to promote performance, address health concerns or it’s just for style, BBL will light the way to a smooth new you. 

Hair Removal for Athletes

Swimmers, cyclists and bodybuilders are the most common candidates for hair reduction with BroadBand Light. Believe it or not, the drag of prolific body hair can mean the difference between a spot on the podium and a participatory pat on the back. Bodybuilders prefer a sleek physique to better showcase their cut, toned muscles. And all athletes can appreciate the pain-free massages and foam roller treatments that a hairless body promotes.

Hair Removal for Aesthetics

The majority of men seek hair removal to eliminate embarrassing body hair. Hair reduction with BBL will significantly reduce the ferocious fur in all your problem areas:

  • Back
  • Chest
  • Buttocks
  • Cheekbones
  • Neck

Hair Removal for Health

Razor bumps are painful and unsightly. Ingrown hair on the face and neck is medically known as pseudofolliculitis barbae. After just two broadband light treatments, skin once riddled with swollen, painful razor bumps will begin to return to normal. And the inflamed, pus-filled follicles that occur with recurrent folliculitis are also outmatched by the luminous power of BroadBand Light.[2]      

Your Personal Consultation at Quinn Plastic Surgery

laser hair removal personal consultation

Our trained coordinators and certified aestheticians can’t wait to hear your story. Tracy is our Spa Coordinator. She has been in the industry since she received her aesthetics license in 2004. Sharon, our aesthetician, was credentialed in 2009. She has a wealth of experience and training in the medical aesthetic field. Whatever your issue, rest assured they understand.

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What Does Broadband Light Hair Removal Cost in Kansas City?

Every patient’s unique needs and personal goals factor heavily into shaping the scope of their treatment. A review of the patient’s medical records is necessary, too, as Dr. Quinn will need them to determine the safest and most effective course of action. Since treatments are tailored to the individual, your personal consultation is the most appropriate time to get an estimate.

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Get Out of a Hairy Situation

“There’s more than one way to skin a cat,” they used to say. As a man himself, Dr. Quinn would never ask you to give up your exquisite took kit of gleaming razors, cooling foams and musky aftershave. broadband light hair reduction is not a replacement for daily shaving. Rather, it is a long-lasting solution to the persistent problem of unwanted hair growth. 

Broadband Light hair removal is an effective treatment for men to rid themselves of hair they can’t (or just don’t want to) shave away. Explore your options with Quinn Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa.       


How can a man permanently remove facial hair?

The long-lasting effects of BroadBand Light are as close as one can get to permanent. In the interests of medical accuracy, it is better to describe the results as a permanent reduction in hair growth, rather than removal—random follicles may regenerate. But the reduction is significant: at least 80%. In addition to the near totality of its results, BBL can precisely sculpt your facial hair to a crisp, sharp edge that will be the envy of many other males. Get those scraggly whiskers off your cheeks and neck! Stroke an artfully chiseled beard that Zeus himself would covet.    

Does BroadBand Light remove ingrown hairs in men?

Certainly. BBL is one of the safest and most effective ways of removing ingrown hairs because it eliminates the problem at its source. BBL showers the treatment area with a strategic arsenal of electromagnetic rays at specially chosen wavelengths. The light energy passes harmlessly through the skin. Meanwhile, darker pigments in the hair are targeted and eliminated by intense pulsed light. This is quite different than nearly every other means of hair removal, like razors, tweezers and waxes, which have no way of sidestepping the swollen skin at the follicles. Ingrown hairs should significantly subside after just two BBL treatments.      

Can I use intense pulsed light (IPL) on my private area?

For both men and women, BBL is safe over most of the skin’s surface. However, it is not advisable to treat certain sensitive areas with intense pulsed light. These areas include the anus, scrotum and testicular parts. To reiterate: do not point lasers at your genitals. Other than their obvious sensitivity, there are also reasons inherent in the science of optics to consider. Laser and light-based therapies react to color, as all light does. What we perceive as colors are just different wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum reacting to the visible world. IPL zaps away hair when there is a significant difference in pigment between a patient’s skin tone and hair color. You may have noticed in your personal explorations that genital tissues tend to be a shade darker than the rest of your skin. This darker pigment would gather increasing heat under intense pulsed light. Ouch!   

Does hair grow back thicker after Broadband Light hair removal?

No. Unlike the risks and rigors of daily shaving, hardly any hair grows back after a thorough dousing in BroadBand Light. What few hairs do sporadically spring up are sparse, fine and rather insignificant. It is a cutting irony that the very act of shaving only invites hair to come back coarser. But with Broadband Light hair removal, your unwanted growth won’t get a second act.   

Is Broadband Light hair removal good for men?

Yes. Broadband Light hair removal is a safe and fairly painless practice from which women have long reaped the benefits. Things are changing. Men have unwanted hair too. And while the refreshing ritual of a morning shave isn’t going anywhere, permanent hair reduction with BroadBand Light is perfect for those places that are out of a razor’s reach. Prepare yourself for broad and smooth new vistas of male grooming. Men seek Broadband Light hair removal to address the following practical concerns:

• Unsightly body hair (e.g. back, buttocks, chest)
• Ingrown hairs
• Misshapen facial hair
• Hair that hinders athletic performance

And it should come as news to no one that men also fall victim to vanity. Bodybuilders remove hair to augment muscle definition. Some men even zap their scalps, preferring the smooth look to stubbly male pattern baldness.  


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