Hand Surgery

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Most people use their hands every day without giving it a second thought. When the use of this vital body part is taken away by an accident, carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, or a cyst, reconstructive hand surgery is sometimes the answer. Whatever the cause, hand surgery is an option that can restore use and strength, and is available at Quinn Plastic Surgery.

Dr. John Michael Quinn is not only a skilled plastic surgeon, but also an experienced reconstructive surgeon. He has years of experience in operating on patients’ hands to reduce the effects of carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, and ganglion cysts. When you require surgery on this delicate area, it is important to choose a surgeon who fully understands the anatomy of the hand and is qualified to perform the procedure.

Recovery for hand surgery, like most surgical recoveries, depends on the extent of the ailment and surgical efforts taken to remedy it. However, bandages, dressings and splints are to be expected to stabilize the area during the healing process. Medication may also be prescribed as part of the specific instructions Dr. Quinn includes in post-operative care.

If you have ganglions, trigger finger, or carpal tunnel syndrome, surgery may help you.