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Post Pregnancy Breasts Problems And Solutions

Breast changes: It’s a common side effect of pregnancy, yet one that many women simply aren’t prepared to face. It happens so gradually, many moms don’t notice it until it’s time to put on their favorite bra or swimsuit again. Suddenly, it becomes abundantly clear that they now have post-pregnancy breasts.

Most women enjoy noticeably larger and fuller breasts during pregnancy and nursing. It’s a nice perk for women who’ve always wanted a more voluminous bustline. In the months that follow birth, the mother’s breasts gradually shrink down to their natural pre-pregnancy size — but sometimes, they just keep shrinking, or they start to sag, or they lose firmness. Or all of the above.

Short-Term Solutions

You’ve got a beach party to attend and you realize you don’t fill out your swimsuit anymore. So, you may opt for extra padding in your suit that day, or hit the store for a more flattering suit. These can help you feel more comfortable temporarily, and there’s nothing wrong with extra padding and push-up in your everyday bras too.

The problem is, that padding just never quite looks as natural and attractive as real breast tissue. Even the best padding can look artificial and won’t have the natural bounce and feel of real breasts. And if you’re experiencing breast sag, you’re probably frustrated with the look of your breasts even with an underwire or push-up option. These features can only do so much to lift you when you have excess skin or sagging tissue.

Surgical Options

Breast augmentation and breast lift procedures are extremely popular with moms for these reasons. They’re often a component of the well-known mommy makeover, but they also work well on their own if you don’t need other procedures.

The beauty of breast surgery, when done by a board certified and experienced plastic surgeon, is it will be customized for you and only you. Your figure, desired breast look, and lifestyle are all important factors in the surgical option you choose. Consider these ways you can get your pre-pregnancy bustline back:

  • If your breast tissue has decreased in size and firmness, a breast augmentation may be all you need. Your surgeon will help you choose between the many different implant sizes, shapes, and types that are available today.
  • If you’ve lost volume and the skin seems saggy or loose, a breast lift with augmentation can be done in one procedure, giving you a complete breast makeover.
  • If you’re happy with your breast size but have noticed sagging or your breasts “pointing downward,” a breast lift can give you a sexy bustline again without adding size.

Many moms are concerned about recovery time for plastic surgery, and that’s understandable. But remember that you’ll only need help for a few days before you’ll be back on your feet again. Many women are back to work (light office work) within one to two weeks. Isn’t it worth that small amount of time to look and feel like your old self again?

If you’d like to learn more about breast procedures, download our free e-book, Breast Augmentation and Lifts Explained. When you’re ready to take the next step, contact Quinn Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Center to schedule your complimentary consult and find out whether breast surgery may be right for you.

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