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Quinn Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Center Reviews

Curious about reviews for Quinn Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Center? We get it — sometimes, it’s better to hear feedback directly from our patients. Here’s what a few of them have to say about their experience at Quinn. To see the latest reviews for Quinn Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Center on Google, click here.

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left quoteCompletely Satisfied With my Resultsright quote

"I cannot say enough about how wonderful my experience has been. Every aspect of scheduling my tummy tuck after losing 120 pounds, from the consultation, to the day of surgery, to the multiple after care appointments has been an amazing experience. Dr. Quinn and his staff make you feel like you're so important to them and I have never felt more comfortable in a doctor office setting before. I highly recommend and am completely satisfied with my results."

by S.M.

Written on May 11, 2021

left quoteThrilled with my Resultsright quote

"Dr. Quinn and his staff made my experience fantastic. They listened to my needs and wants and partnered with me to provide an amazing outcome! Their customer service is second to none and Dr. Quinn was available directly, during the first days of my recovery, to answer any questions or address concerns my husband and I had. I am thrilled with my results and proud to say Dr. Quinn was my surgeon."

by A.H.

Written on MAY 5, 2021

left quoteOUSTANDINGright quote

"From the very start of my augmentation journey, Dr. Quinn and his staff have been amazing! I have always felt comfortable and confident in my choices. Marlene was the best hype girl ever! Everyone has always answered all my questions, gave me all the information, and provided excellent care before, during, and after my surgery. I’m so thankful for Dr. Quinn and his incredible work. I now have the breasts I’ve dreamed of having my whole life. They are full, very natural looking and make me feel so confident!"

by S.D.

Written on January 26, 2021

left quotePerfectionist and Extremely Knowledgeableright quote

"Dr. Quinn and his office staff were outstanding. I never felt rushed during any of my office visits and they would answer every question I had even if I had already asked it during a previous visit. Dr. Quinn is very patient and kind. I could tell instantly that he was a perfectionist and extremely knowledgeable. His nurse that assisted me with deciding on the size of the implant took her time, offered suggestions, and made me feel that she was just as excited about my new look” as I was. At the end of every visit I was reminded to call anytime day or night with questions or concerns. Although I never had any issues it was comforting to know that Dr. Quinn was available 24/7 for me."

by H.A.

Written on March 9, 2017

left quoteBREAST LIFTright quote

"I should have done this years ago! The moment I walked in the office I was treated like an important person and not another statistic. The receptionist was friendly, greeted me with a smile and was very informative and professional. I didn’t feel rushed at all when I went in for my initial visit to get an estimate. Kim was so sincere and informative. She listened to me and my concerns. And doctor Quinn, what an outstanding surgeon. He was very thorough about my procedure and what to expect. Doctor Quinn’s bedside manners were impeccable. He made me feel comfortable showing him my imperfect body. I will (and have) recommend this practice to others."

by M.W.

Written on March 2, 2017

left quoteAMAZEDright quote

Dr. Quinn and his staff were absolutely amazing throughout the whole procedure. I’m completely amazed with the work he has done for me. Highly recommend him to anyone! After having this breast augmentation I feel so much more confident with my body after having 2 kids. It truly has made me feel so much better about myself.

by D.T.

Written on February 22, 2017


"When I first started this process I was referred to Dr. Quinn and another plastic surgeon. After visiting with the other PS, Dr. Quinn was a blessing. I feel that I was so lucky to have him as my doctor. I am not a Victoria Secret Model, but still wanted to have nicer breast. Dr. Quinn and everyone else in the office were amazing. Every single person made me feel special. They truly are all wonderful people. It was the absolute best experience I have ever had with a medical professional. I would go through both procedures all over again. I had a breast lift in Sept. and then breast augmentation in Dec of 2017. ..."

by C. L.

Written on April 26, 2018

left quoteCOULDN’T BE HAPPIER!right quote

"I felt at ease and comfortable with all the staff!! Everyone was respectful and patient. I felt like they listened and answered all of my questions and concerned. They gave me realistic expectations and helped me thoroughly through my decision process. I wouldn’t change a thing. Thank you everyone for making this a smooth process for a dream procedure 🙂 Couldn’t be happier!!!"

by C.V.

Written on February 22, 2017

left quoteDR.QUINN CHANGED MY LIFEright quote

"Dr.Quinn changed my life. His talent made me feel like a new, and confident person. The entire process was very professional and a positive memory I will always have. From the beautiful office, friendly staff, and comfort at the offsite surgery center, this experience is something I will never forget. Thank you to everyone who made this transformation possible!"

by C.A.

Written on February 14, 2017

left quoteVERY GRATEFUL right quote

"I loved everyone I worked with during my consultation and my procedure. Dr Quinn was patient and thoughtful with me and my caregivers during the entire process. I believe he really cares about my goals for the procedure and he was successful in meeting them. I interviewed several surgeons before choosing Dr. Quinn. I am very grateful to him and his staff!"

by D.S.

Written on January 20, 2017

left quoteTUMMY TUCK REVIEW right quote

"The results are amazing! The pre-training was exceptional. I felt I knew every step of the way what was going to happen. Everyone that I came in contact with was knowledgeable and friendly."

by K.B.

Written on January 9, 2017

left quoteA BETTER ME right quote

"I look and feel amazing. It has put me on the path to create a better me. I’m more confident in my skin. . Dr. Quinn takes time with each individual patient. I never felt rushed during my visits. Everyone of my family members that met him said he seemed really down to earth and sincere. He was available at any time before or after my procedure to deal with any of my concerns. His staff was very pleasant as well. Prior to my surgery I was told by other people in the medical field that he takes care of his patients. He really lived up to that! Awesome surgeon with an amazing heart and wonderful personality!"

by M.W.

Written on December 23, 2016

left quoteSPEEDY RECOVERY right quote

"It was the most amazing experience. From start to finish I was comfortable, informed and cared for. For the most part surgery was painless. I feel Dr Quinn and staff did a phenomenal job. The precision during surgery surely played a huge role in my quick and nearly painless recovery. The only regret I have is not going through with surgery sooner. The BEST thing about my surgery experience is how quick I recovered. I give Dr Quinn and staff many props for doing such an amazing job during surgery thus allowing me to make a speedy recovery."

by A.F.

Written on December 13, 2016

left quoteTHANKFUL right quote

"Breast augmentation was something that I was wanted for several years. Following through with my wish has made me feel so better about my appearance. I can say that I am thankful that I chose a moderate size for me rather than something too large. From the first consultation to my last visit with Dr. Quinn, the friendliness, professionalism, expertise, and excitement for me made the entire process remarkable. Dr. Quinn called to check on me after surgery and provided a number to reach him out of business hours. I had a question one night around 9:00, called him and he responded within a few minutes."

by A.P.

Written on October 26, 2016

left quote100% SATISFACTORY right quote

"From the moment I walked in I felt welcomed and comfortable. After speaking with the receptionist, Kim and Dr Quinn I felt extremely confident in them knowing that I’d receive the best service and that the outcome would be nothing shy of 100% satisfactory."

by D.N.

Written on October 11, 2016

left quoteHIGHLY RECOMMEND right quote

"Dr. Quinn & his staff were so kind & thorough during the whole process. They were always easy to get a hold of if I had a question. I had an awesome experience with Dr. Quinn, his staff, & everyone at the surgery center. Everyone made me feel comfortable & at ease with having my breast augmentation & I love my end results. If I ever decide to have anything else done I will definitely return to Dr. Quinn & I will highly recommend him to anyone that I know that is wanting to get something done."

by D.T.

Written on September 28, 2016

left quoteCONFIDENT AND CALM right quote

"Everyone was so pleasant, especially Suzanne. She made me feel extremely comfortable and never made me feel rushed. I felt confident after every interaction with her. Dr. Quinn is a very genuine person, and I could tell he was very confident and calm with his abilities. It created a very relaxed and exciting experience."

by D.B.

Written on September 17, 2016

left quoteWOULD DO IT AGAIN right quote

"I feel better. More confident and comfortable in my everyday clothing. . I enjoyed my experience. The staff and surgeon were very comforting. They answered all my questions and made me feel like I came to the right place. After surgery I was very pleased and so happy that I decided to go through with the surgery. Would do it again."

by J.H.

Written on August 30, 2016

left quoteEXTREMELY THANKFUL! right quote

"It’s nice to have firm breast again that don’t feel like I am carrying around water balloons. I also feel like my core is back to its strong self and I feel put back together after the damage my pregnancy did to my body. . The booklet of information was informative and helpful. The doctor and nurses were amazing and kept my nerves at ease. It went so well, it’s hard to really process that I had it done. Extremely thankful!"

by C.A.

Written on August 20, 2016

left quoteWONDERFUL EXPERIENCE right quote

"The staff were very calming and reassuring as I was really nervous about my first time having surgery. The entire experience was wonderful. This was my first ever surgery and it went better than I expected! The staff are so knowledgeable and helpful!"

by A.B.

Written on August 5, 2016


"As someone who has never had surgery before, the best thing about the experience for me was the unexpected comfort and ease of surgery day. Dr. Quinn and the surgery center staff made me laugh, kept me comfortable, and maintained constant communication. I went into surgery feeling excited, confident, and not at all nervous. . The pre-op appointments were informative, surgery day was a piece of cake, and recovery went as expected. Dr. Quinn and his staff are wonderful, and the surgery center staff made me feel completely at ease. I am really happy with my results and the care I received throughout this experience."

by M.T.

Written on August 4, 2016

left quoteMOMMY MAKEOVER right quote

"The surgical center ran like a well oiled machine. The steps and process ran smoothly and easy. The nurses and doctors were knowledgeable and professional. The nurse that attended me before the procedure was kind, gentle and was able to put me at ease with my anxiety. The nurses after the procedure, while in recovery, were very patient and kind when trying to get me to wake up. . Dr. Quinn and his staff were so kind and respectful to me before and after the procedure. Dr. Quinn took time with me. Never once did he make me feel like he needed to leave or move on to the next patient. I appreciate his kindness, patience, and respectful demeanor. He is an artist and expert in his field. I truly love his staff Karri and Cheryl so much. They were consistently nice and professional. They all made me feel welcomed and important. Thank you for a wonderful experience for something so dramatic."

by E.C.

Written on August 3, 2016

left quoteTOP NOTCH right quote

"A staff member at the surgery center, who was not assigned to me, turned the lights out in my room as he simply noticed as he walked by that I was trying to relax and rest prior to surgery. I wish I knew who he was. Extremely kind gesture. Dr. Quinn was not only a great surgeon, but his bedside manners were superior. He made me feel extremely comfortable throughout the entire process. Also, the staff at the surgery center were top notch. Every medical professional that played a part in my surgery took time to meet with me, explain their specific duty and made sure I understood, was comfortable and had no other questions."

by B.R.

Written on August 1, 2016

left quoteI LOVE MY NEW BODY! right quote

"I was extremely pleased with the whole experience. I had been wanting to do this surgery for quite some time and was very nervous and anxious about it. Dr Quinn the patient coordinator-Kim and the rest of his team made this whole experience very smooth and worry free. I felt very confident in the information given to me prior to the surgery and felt very comfortable talking and discussing any concerns. I had been to two other consults in the area with other plastic surgeons and did not feel the same level of confidence as I did with Dr. Quinn’s office. I also had talked to other women as women do and he came with very high recommendations."

Additional Reading

I feel the same way regarding the surgery center where the procedure took place. The whole staff made me feel very comfortable and at ease with my anxiety. I would and will definitely recommend Dr. Quinn’s office to others and plan on having some different cosmetic procedures done in the future here. Thank you so much- I love my new body!

by S.C.

Written on June 30, 2016

left quoteCOULD NOT BE HAPPIER right quote

"Dr. Quinn and his staff were not only knowledgeable but also very friendly and compassionate throughout the entire process. Anytime I had questions I felt comfortable calling the office and speaking with my patient care coordinator Kim or emailing her. I never felt pressured to make a decision I was not comfortable with. During the process I questioned the size of implants I would choose and how I would look after. I was seeking a natural look and Kim and Dr. Quinn put me at ease as I was trying on sizes. I could not be happier with the results I have even though they are still new."

by A.S.

Written on June 10, 2016


"I am a very healthy and confident individual although after weight loss, my breasts were left saggy and made me look MUCH older. I did not want implants, just a lift and Dr. Quinn respected my decision and I am thankful for that and happy with my results every single day! I cannot say one bad thing about my experience with Dr. Quinn, his staff, practice, and my procedure. Not only is he a very genuine, friendly doctor, but my results from my breast lift are even better than I could have imagined. I would recommend anyone and hope Dr. Quinn never retires! 😉"

by J.B.

Written on June 7, 2016

left quoteAMAZING STAFF right quote

"The staff was amazing. I knew exactly what to expect and could not be more pleased with the outcome. I can’t say enough about the care and preparation I received from Dr. Quinn and his staff. I would highly recommend him to my family and friends."

by B.L.

Written on May 28, 2016

left quoteMONEY WELL SPENT right quote

"Overall, I can not think of a single negative comment about my experience. The medical professionals were efficient and professional. All of my questions were answered, and I felt comfortable throughout the experience. Moreover, the results are better than I could have ever expected. I only wish I would have done this sooner. Money very well spent. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Quinn and his staff."

by P.L.

Written on May 27, 2016

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