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Ganglion Surgery in Kansas City

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About Ganglion Surgery

Ganglions are benign cysts that occur mainly in the arms and legs. They are small bags of fluid connected to a joint, such as a wrist, and can sometimes apply uncomfortable pressure on nerves. Additionally, some people deem ganglions unsightly.

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Get Rid of Ganglions

Why do Ganglions develop?

Research has not yet shown exactly why ganglions develop, but they are an uncomfortable nuisance for people who have them. Though some ganglions will disappear on their own with time, they may remain on the body for years. Because ganglions do not always disappear on their own, many people opt to have ganglion surgery.



Ganglion Surgery

Our Kansas City ganglion surgery is an outpatient procedure in which Dr. Quinn makes a small incision that is approximately the size of the ganglion. He then removes the jelly-like material that composes the growth. The incision is then closed and bandaged.

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Ganglion Surgery Recovery

Recovery Time after Ganglion Surgery

The recovery time after ganglion surgery is very short. Post-operative care includes a gauze, wool or crepe bandage which can usually be removed after 48 hours. Movement should be performed with only light activity after the operation. Expect some minor swelling and bruising. We will help you identify areas of tenderness.

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