breast surgery recovery

How to Sleep Better After Breast Surgery

After any traumatic event--and that includes any type of surgery,…
Young woman getting an injection by her eyebrow

Is Local Anesthesia Really Your Best Option?

Local anesthesia is a very commonly used anesthesia for minor…
fat reduction surgery

6 Essential Steps to Recovering from Fat Reduction Surgery

The steps to recovery from fat reduction surgery aren’t complicated,…
Young woman is getting a facial treatment by a medical professional.

8 Facial Treatments That Will Make You Glow

Let’s face it: we all want to look younger. We all want to…
Woman getting a dermal filler injection
Woman in plastic surgery consultation

Questions To Ask Your Plastic Surgeon

Before you head in for some life changing plastic surgery, it…
breast implants and pregnancy

Pregnancy and Breast Implant Questions Answered

Those that are planning to become pregnant, are pregnant or have…
kybella treatment

Your Top Kybella Questions Answered

A double-chin can be a source of worry for those that may feel…
breast reduction with implants

Can I Have a Breast Reduction With Implants?

While many women that opt for breast implants are interested…

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