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Facials in Kansas City

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Clear Your Skin, Clear Your Worries

Kansas City Facials at Quinn Aesthetic Center

At Quinn Aesthetic Center, we are devoted to ensuring our patients are glowing with satisfaction by the end of their visit, meaning that we put our utmost effort into making our facials incredible, beneficial, and worth your time. Our classic facial in Kansas City is used to treat skin congestion, acne, blemishes, sensitive skin, and loss of firmness — but this treatment is beneficial for every skin type! With our classic Kansas City facial, you’ll leave our office feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. We also offer an anti-aging facial that will relax you and promote healthy, younger-looking skin.

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A Clean Slate

What is a Facial?

As we age, our skin loses collagen, elasticity, and moisture. Facials are used to help moisturize, cleanse, and exfoliate the skin to keep your complexion healthy and youthful-looking, using products like gentle scrubs and serums.

Bring a Friend!

Am I a Good Candidate for a Facial?

Almost everyone is a good candidate for a facial! The benefits of facials are pretty universal unless you are prone to cold sore breakouts or have very sensitive skin. Our classic facial is for all ages, while our anti-aging facial is aimed towards those who are 40 or older, but they are not limited to age– anyone can get them if you fear you are beginning to see signs of aging. If you have any questions, the best thing to do is ask a professional during your consultation; we’re more than happy to help!

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You Have Options

Your Facial Procedure

With our classic facial Kansas City patients of all kinds can benefit. This relaxing, one-hour facial includes:

  • Cleansing your skin of pollutants and dirt.
  • Exfoliation of the skin, removing any excess dead skin and smoothing the surface.
  • Gentle extractions of blackheads and pimples that impede the health of the skin and its clarity.
  • Facial massage to increase circulation to your facial tissue, resulting in brighter, youthful-looking skin.
  • Mask, moisturizer, and sunscreen to aid in skin preservation.

Additional Reading

We also offer a solution for aging skin - this 75-minute facial is the ultimate treatment for aging skin. The anti-aging facial includes the entire classic facial treatment (cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, and massage), plus these features:

  • Collagen or hydrating mask targeted to mature skin. This helps moisturize and minimize the appearance of fine lines.
  • SkinMedica™ TNS products. These are used at the end of the treatment to aid in skin longevity. These products will help reduce wrinkles, improve skin tone, and enhance skin texture.
  • The anti-aging facial is recommended for patients over the age of 40 but is available to anyone who desires to reduce advanced signs of aging.

What Are You Waiting For?

Schedule your Kansas City facial consultation with our aesthetic experts today

Facials are great for giving your skin a clean slate. Hydrating and moisturizing are imperative to having good collagen and elastin production, which keeps your skin from sagging, wrinkling, or becoming too dry and flakey. Schedule your free consultation today to discuss some of the best facials Kansas city has to offer, and which is best for your skin. During your consultation, we will answer any questions you may have and assess your most-beneficial options.

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When you commit to your beauty journey, you are choosing to take how the world sees you into your own hands. That’s an empowering feeling. Dr. Quinn and his team at Quinn Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Center are here to honor that commitment and help you achieve the best results for you and your body. These are your decisions. Our role is to help you make the most of them. Schedule a consultation today to get started on your beauty journey.

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