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Protecting Your Investment Caring For Your Breasts After Augmentation

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Your health is an investment that needs protecting, and breast augmentation should be no different. You put a significant amount of thought and planning into your breast augmentation, as well as time, energy, and money. You want to feel and look your best, so why not take steps to protect your investment? By performing a few simple tasks that take no more than a few minutes of your time every day and a little bit longer once a month, you can be sure to protect your breasts and ensure that they look their best for a long time to come.

Exercise And Diet Following Surgery

During recovery, the most important thing you can do to care for your breasts and your overall well-being is to follow your post-operative instructions as closely as possible. However, in addition to following Dr. Quinn’s instructions and keeping your post-op appointments, it is important to take care of your overall health as well. During recovery, your activity level will be limited. You won’t be allowed to exercise intensely for quite some time, so you may want to do light walking during the first week or so, and progress to more intense exercise when Dr. Quinn gives you the okay to do so. Focus on maintaining a healthy diet by eating fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins, and drink plenty of water to ensure that you maintain a healthy weight during this period of reduced activity. Not only will a healthy diet help maintain your weight, but it will also help your skin stay healthy and hydrated.

While the most important thing you can do for yourself after breast augmentation is to follow your post-operative recovery plan as closely as possible, what should you do after recovery is over? Once you have been give the approval to return to normal activities and exercise, continue to drink plenty of water and maintain your healthy diet. A healthy body means a solid and healthy foundation for your breasts after augmentation.

Your breasts may need a bit of extra support following augmentation, so be sure to wear bras that not only offer support, but fit properly. During exercise, look for sports bras that are designed to encapsulate each breast separately rather than styles that compress the breasts tightly against the body. Encapsulation-style sports bras will not only offer support, but will prevent excess pressure from being placed on your breasts and implants.

Skincare Following Breast Augmentation

Additionally, don’t forget to moisturize the skin around your breasts and chest. The same goes for sunscreen — be sure to use sunscreen on all exposed skin, including your cleavage and any exposed skin at the sides of the breasts any time you are outside. By protecting your skin with moisturizer and sunscreen, your skin will look young and fresh for years to come and will enhance the appearance of your breasts as you also develop a new wardrobe to go with your new look.

Performing Monthly Breast Examinations

Long-term, you can ensure that your breasts stay healthy and that your implants are doing their job by making sure you perform monthly breast self-exams. Your breast self-exam is also a great time to examine your skin for any changes in pigmentation, new or changed moles, and so on. If you notice any breast or skin changes or abnormalities, be sure to have them looked at by Dr. Quinn or by your primary care doctor.

If you have silicone implants, the FDA’s most recent guidelines suggest an MRI screening three years after your surgery and every two years thereafter to look for leaks, since silicone implants can retain their shape even when forming leaks. If you have saline implants, schedule an appointment with Dr. Quinn right away to see if your implants have ruptured if you notice any changes to your breast shape or size, or if one breast looks deflated. Ruptures and leaks are rare, but if they do happen, it is important to seek help.

You should also continue to follow a healthy diet and exercise routine, and maintain your moisturizing and sunscreen use long-term — as these activities will ensure that your body is healthy both inside and out. When you feel good, you will look good, and these habits will also help reinforce healthy breasts after augmentation.

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