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At Quinn Plastic Surgery, we believe that all women want to look and feel their best. We offer procedures that, used alone or in conjunction with each other, can offer spectacular results. These procedures are customized to meet each individual’s needs and are performed by our highly trained nurse practitioners, licensed aestheticians and nurse injector.

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What is Kybella?

Kybella is a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid that is injected into the fat below the chin, this fat is also known as submental fullness. The acid breaks down and metabolizes the fat, allowing patients to see a slimmer and more attractive result.

Kybella is an FDA approved treatment that is a great alternative to surgical procedures.

This acid is naturally found in the body and helps break down dietary fat. In a Kybella treatment, this natural acid is applied to your chin and reduces fat stores. One of the reasons our patients love Kybella is due to the results. The fat that is destroyed cannot come back or accumulate, so your results are long-lasting. Once you reach your desired appearance you will not need further treatment!


The Benefits of a Kybella Treatment

The main advantage of Kybella is how simple it is! Our patients love Kybella because they don’t have to worry about targeting workouts or frustrating diets that don’t allow them to see the results they want. Instead, Kybella starts working right away and will help to enhance your jawline in a few weeks.

This treatment can be performed over a lunch break and will allow you to return to your daily activities right away. Many people who are bothered by frustrating fat along their jawline are looking for an impressive solution, that solution is Kybella!

A double chin truly impacts your appearance. Not only will it make you look unhealthy, but it will also disbalance the symmetry of your face. We want you to look your best and Kybella will help you get there!


Healthy men and women that are eighteen years or older are great candidates. Ideally, the patient will be healthy and will not be planning a future invasive facial procedure. Kybella is not recommended for patients who are pregnant, nursing, or have difficulty swallowing. Patients who are not interested in surgical removal of the fat are a great candidate for Kybella injections. To know for sure if Kybella is the right treatment for your excess chin fat, schedule a consultation with us today.

Personal Consultation

During your meeting with our nurse injector, an examination of your chin will be performed. Questions will be asked about past procedures, health, medications and allergies. This information will help to determine if you are a healthy candidate for Kybella.

This meeting is to discuss everything you’d like to know about your treatment. You will be encouraged to ask lots of questions and voice any concerns you may have.

Our priority is your health. We will take the time to make sure your ideal treatment plan is created.


Due to the simple nature of a Kybella treatment, you will not require much preparation. We encourage you to wash your face and neck thoroughly before treatment. This will help prepare your skin and make it clean for the treatment. We also recommend avoiding ibuprofen and acetaminophen as these medications may cause bruising.

Kybella Treatment Details

Kybella is used to treat the area underneath the chin. Your treatment will be performed in a few short steps:

  • A topical anesthetic can be applied to increase comfort.
  • Once the numbing agent has taken effect, our nurse injector will administer Kybella strategically across the chin. There will be between twenty and fifty injections that will target fat all across the underneath of the chin.
  • Once the injections are complete, your chin will be cleaned and you will be able to return to your day.

This treatment does not take very long and we will ensure you remain comfortable. We provide quality care for our patients and aim for each appointment to be a positive experience. Together, we will create your ideal treatment plan and make sure you achieve the results you desire.


Be careful not to apply pressure to your chin or get the area dirty. You should avoid strenuous activities for twenty-four hours. The treated area may be swollen and sensitive for a few days. These symptoms will dissipate and you will be able to relax as you watch the fat under your chin slowly go away.


Kybella Results

The acid that is injected under the chin will break down the fat cells and metabolize the fat over the next few weeks.

Patients should see improvements after about four weeks. At this point, you can undergo another Kybella treatment to further improve your results. Most patients will need multiple appointments to achieve their best outcome. Up to six Kybella treatments can be undergone as long as at least four weeks have passed since the last appointment.

Once you achieve your desired result with Kybella you will not need further treatment. Kybella allows our patients to regain a defined and healthy jawline for years!

Complementary Procedures

Kybella is a simple treatment that can easily be combined with other minimally-invasive procedures such as:


Fillers are a great way to maximize your Kybella results. Dermal fillers like Juvederm VolumaJuvederm XC and Radiesse work to restore age-related volume loss and minimize lines and wrinkles.


The neurotoxins Xeomin and Botox are FDA approved to diminish lines on the forehead, between the brows and the crow’s feet. These products smooth the skin and help limit the creation of new lines and wrinkles.

Injectable treatments like the ones above are offered to help our patients simply and effectively improve their appearance without surgical treatment. If you are interested in combining your Kybella treatment with one of the above procedures, express your interest during your consultation.


The cost of each treatment will be unique to the patient’s anatomy and how many appointments they require to achieve their goal. If you would like to learn more about Kybella, give us a call at (913) 663-5483 or get started towards a slimmer face by clicking here and scheduling your consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, double chins can go away! The fat that develops under the chin is very stubborn and may be difficult to reduce. If exercise and healthy eating are not impacting fat under the chin, it is time to consider cosmetic intervention. Many people are not interested in plastic surgery because of the preparation, downtime, anesthetic, need for narcotics, and risk of scarring that occurs. We want all of our patients to look and feel amazing!


Double chins can be caused by many different factors. These factors include changes in weight, lifestyle, genetics, and aging. We recommend adopting a healthy lifestyle for a while to see if those changes can help diminish chin fat. If your double chin is persistent it is time to look into Kybella.


The best treatment for a double chin will depend on the patient. There are many factors that go into determining which treatment is right. Health, allergies, medications and past treatments all have to be taken into consideration. Kybella is a great way to reduce a double chin because it is simple and effective. Its minimally-invasive nature is very appealing to our patients.


Chewing gum may help you reduce calories but it will not have an effect on facial fat. To truly impact stubborn fat stores along the face, schedule a consultation with us to help you determine your best treatment.


The cost of each Kybella treatment will be particular to the patient and what they want. We will take the time to listen to your concerns and hear about what you want out of your Kybella treatment during your meeting. A cost breakdown will also be gone over in your personal consultation.


Kybella results are long-lasting! Once your goal is met you should not need further treatment. Most candidates need a few sessions for the best results. These treatments will help you achieve a slender face and more defined jawline.


Once the fat cells are metabolized by the acid, the fat stores are gone forever. Your Kybella results are long-lasting and should help you maintain your ideal results. The best way to keep your results looking great is with a healthy lifestyle.

If you are done looking in the mirror only to be bothered by your double chin, it is time for a change! We want you to look and feel amazing. Getting rid of unnecessary fat under the chin will drastically impact your appearance. Not only will your jawline become more defined, but your face will also appear more symmetrical and attractive. Start down the path to looking your best today by scheduling a consultation with us!

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