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Aerolase Neo in Kansas City

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The Perfect Solution for Imperfections

Kansas City Aerolase Neo Laser Treatments

This pigmentation laser is used for treating a long list of skin complaints. If you experience anything from rosacea to melasma to spider veins, an Aerolase Kansas City treatment with Neo Elite at Quinn Aesthetic Center may be the solution for you. This treatment is also excellent for general skin rejuvenation. Having been in the business for over 35 years, Dr. John Michael Quinn and his staff know the best ways to care for patients and work with them to reach their goals. Schedule your free consultation to discuss laser treatment in Kansas City at Quinn Aesthetic Center today, and feel good about your skin again.

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The Finest in The Business

What is the Aerolase Neo YAG laser?

The Aerolase Neo YAG laser is one of the medical world's smallest, most powerful lasers. This pigment laser is able to target more concentrated amounts of melanin in the skin, preventing almost all pain that is typically felt during other laser treatments. Between its air-cooling technology and its quick pulse width of 650 microseconds, this treatment will get rid of almost any blemish or concern very quickly and with virtually no pain.

Small But Mighty

What are the Benefits of Aerolase Neo Elite laser treatment?

This YAG laser is able to target issues including rosacea, spider veins, laser hair removal, scarring, wrinkles, overall signs of aging, and so much more. Not only is this pigmentation laser able to capture a great number of skin blemishes, but it also has almost no pain involved! Since the Neo Elite laser is so small and quick, it reduces the area of skin that is being heated quite a bit, making it an almost painless procedure. This FDA-approved laser treatment is one of the best in the business!

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Is It Right For Me?

Am I a Good Candidate for Aerolase Neo laser treatments?

The Aerolase Neo Elite laser treatment is intended for anyone suffering from skin blemishes, aesthetic concerns, or unwanted body hair. If you have any of those things, you are probably a great candidate for this treatment! Schedule your free consultation today to discuss the best option for your concerns at Quinn Aesthetic Center.

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Erase Your Concerns

Your Aerolase Neo Laser Treatment Procedure

Once you have discussed your concerns with your practitioner during your consultation, the next step is to have your treatment! Since the laser is so small and targeted, it does not require any topical anesthetics before use. Your skin will be cleaned, and you will be provided goggles to protect your eyes. The Aerolase laser will then be passed just above the skin as it removes any areas of concern or unwanted body hair. Gone are the days of feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable in your own body!

Improvement Now AND Later

Aerolase Neo Recovery & Results

After your Kansas City Aerolase treatment, your skin will likely be red or pink in color. It may also be a bit sore– both of these side effects should go away within a few hours. A cold compress may be recommended to reduce any lingering redness or soreness. You should avoid lotions and perfumes on the treated area and stay out of direct sunlight until the site heals completely. Always wear sunblock in case of accidental sun exposure.

The Right Choice Pays Off

Aerolase Neo Results

Right after your visit, you will begin to see improvements in your skin. While some Aerolase treatments may require only one visit, most patients will see the best results when they come in for two to four treatments. You will see immediate and lasting results between visits as your skin heals and shows fewer blemishes after each treatment. As time and treatments go on, blemishes will disappear, spots will fade, and treated body hair will fall out until it no longer grows back.

Make The Play to Reach Your Goals

Schedule Your Kansas City Aerolase Neo Laser Treatment Consultation Today.

Our expert aestheticians and staff at Quinn Aesthetic Center are known for their caring bedside manner and devotion to their patients. We are willing to answer any questions you may have in your process of becoming a better-looking you. Schedule your free consultation now and experience the best non-ablative laser treatment Kansas City has to offer!

Aerolase Neo Frequently Asked Questions

Honestly, a little bit! Most patients compare the pain to the feeling of a rubber band snap or a small cat scratch. It’s very tolerable, just a little uncomfortable.

Some patients may experience redness and itching after their treatment. Less common risks include scarring, discoloration, and possible cold sore outbreaks.

The difference between the Neo laser and the Era is that the Neo laser is a water-cooled laser specializing in non-ablative treatments, such as laser hair removal and the Era laser is an air-cooled laser specializing in ablative treatments. Talk with us during your consultation to decide which laser best suits your needs.

Because this is a cosmetic treatment, insurance does not cover it. Contact us to learn about the price of Aerolase Neo and plan a course of treatment that fits your budget.

Schedule your Kansas City plastic surgery consultation today

When you commit to your beauty journey, you are choosing to take how the world sees you into your own hands. That’s an empowering feeling. Dr. Quinn and his team at Quinn Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Center are here to honor that commitment and help you achieve the best results for you and your body. These are your decisions. Our role is to help you make the most of them. Schedule a consultation today to get started on your beauty journey.

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