Carpal Tunnel Surgery

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Severe carpal tunnel symptoms restrict everyday activities. Endoscopic carpal tunnel surgery is usually the best option for people who have symptoms that persist despite other attempts at treatment. Carpal tunnel surgery is also good for those who face a risk of damage to the median nerve in the hand because of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Most patients’ symptoms resolve as an outcome of the procedure. In addition, there are very few risks and complications associated with carpal tunnel surgery.

In this procedure, a small lighted scope with a tiny attached camera is inserted into a small incision in the wrist. This gives Dr. Quinn an excellent view of the inside of the wrist and enables him to adjust his treatment according to the patient’s needs. To complete the surgery, Dr. Quinn cuts the transverse carpal ligament to release the pressure on the median nerve that causes carpal tunnel symptoms. After the incision is closed and bandaged, the patient is free to return home. Many patients may return to work in just a few days.

Our patients are extremely happy with their results, as this procedure restores hand control, coordination, and feeling.

If you have the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome and are considering carpal tunnel surgery, we invite you to contact our practice to change your life for the better.