sagging or drooping eyelids and plastic surgery

eyelid-surgery-benefitsWhat do you do when your eyelids droop to a degree that it looks like your eyes are closed every time you smile? Or worse, your eyelids have began to sag so much that they now impair your vision. Not only can sagging or drooping eyelids affect your appearance when you smile or shrink your field of vision, but they can also cause you to look significantly older than you really are. Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, may be the solution to such problems.

What causes drooping and sagging eyelids?

Our skin and the supportive tissues underneath naturally change over time. Skin loosens, ligaments become lax, and collagen shrinks. Fat stores also shift, and gravity works its less than beautifying magic. The result is drooping and sagging eyelids. For some patients, the effects occur faster than for others, making them appear prematurely older than they really are.

These effects include:

  • Deeper or excess folds in the eyelids

  • Changed contour of the lid

  • Puffiness of the upper lid due to excess fatty deposits

  • Bags under the eyes

  • Drooping of the lower eyelids

  • Increased fine wrinkles around the eyelids

The benefits of eyelid surgery

Blepharoplasty has a number of benefits, the first of which is that it nearly permanent for the vast majority of patients. For most patients, the eyes will appear younger and refreshed after eyelid surgery. Refreshing the eyelids can vastly improve the overall appearance with little else being done, as the eyes are often a focal point when interacting with others. Those who have suffered from a reduced field of vision may find that their ability to see vastly improves after eyelid surgery as well.

During your blepharoplasty consultation

The first step in your eyelid surgery journey is a consultation with your plastic surgeon. In addition to discussing your goals for blepharoplasty, your surgeon will evaluate your overall health and the state of your eyelids and the surrounding structures. During your consultation, your surgeon will discuss the possible outcomes of your surgery, as well as potential risks. Most patients achieve a number of benefits, and your surgeon will discuss how surgery may benefit you most. Be sure to bring a list of your questions and concerns as well as information about your past medical history, drug allergies, and a list of your medications, vitamins, and supplements.

Making your eyelid surgery results last

Although blepharoplasty is permanent for most patients, it is important to take steps to protect your investment. First and foremost, don’t smoke. The skin, muscles, and tissues of the eyelids require nutrient- and oxygen-rich blood, just like the rest of the body and smoking severely restricts the flow of blood. Smoking causes the skin to appear sallow and dehydrated, and over time may cause the skin to sag, even after surgery. In addition to not smoking, be sure to stay hydrated and use sun protection. While you don’t want to apply sunscreen so close to the eyes, be sure to apply it to the rest of the face, use UV-blocking sunglasses with large lenses, and wear hats with a wide brim.

To learn more about blepharoplasty and other options for sagging or drooping eyelids, call Quinn Plastic Surgery today at (912)492-3443 to schedule a consultation. We look forward to seeing you soon.


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