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above-or-below-muscle-breast-implant-placement.jpgIf you’re considering getting a breast augmentation, you should consider studying up on the difference in placement options for your implants. While Dr. Quinn prefers and recommends sub-muscular (under the muscle) implant placement, you should be informed of your choices.

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aug-submuscularSub-muscular Breast Implant Placement

The possible benefits of this placement (breast augmentation under the muscle) are that it may result in less palpable implants, less capsular contracture, a more natural look, and easier imaging of the breast with mammography. The sub-muscular placement may make surgery last longer, may make recovery longer, and may make it more difficult to have some re-operation procedures than the sub-glandular placement.

aug-submammarySub-glandular Breast Implant Placement

Sub-glandular placement (breast augmentation over the muscle) may make your surgery and recovery time shorter. It may make the implant easier to access if re-operation is necessary. This placement also may make it easier to see and feel your implants through your skin after your surgery. Capsular contracture is more likely with sub-glandular placement, and imaging of the breast with mammography may be more difficult.

It is always important to be aware of your choices when choosing to have a breast augmentation procedure. Make sure you have discussed your options with your surgeon to ensure that you and your surgeon understand your expectations!

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