how your breasts change throughout your life

breast changes as you ageWherever your life takes you, your breasts will be along for the ride. And though they have their own unique size, shape, and density, you’ll likely see many changes in them throughout your lifetime — for better or worse.

Your breasts as a young adult

For most women, breasts have reached their adult size and fullness by age 21, though this can vary slightly. This is often the time of the “best breast years,” as they are generally firm, uplifted, and at their fullest state (aside from pregnancy and breastfeeding).

For women who were holding out hope that theirs might grow to a larger size, they may be disappointed to find that they are still wearing a smaller sized bra. Unless significant weight fluctuations occur, this will be very close to the natural breast size for years to come. This realization sometimes triggers women to undergo breast augmentation, giving them many years to enjoy a fuller, more proportionate breast size.

Because we know breast augmentation is safe before pregnancy and breastfeeding, many women don’t want to wait until their childbearing years are over to get the body they want.

Your breasts during pregnancy and breastfeeding

The dramatic changes in breast size, shape, and fullness during childbearing and nursing is well known to most women. The hormonal changes and process of lactation makes the breasts larger and firmer. Women with naturally large breasts may find this undesirable, but many women enjoy the extra cleavage and curves.

Post-pregnancy breast deflation

Unfortunately, many women are unprepared for the changes the breasts undergo after the completion of pregnancy and breastfeeding. The breasts may return to their pre-pregnancy shape and size, but often, they end up smaller, less firm, and more droopy than before. This is partly due to the natural aging process, but can also be blamed on the stretching and growing (and subsequent shrinking).

This is a popular age for many women to get breast augmentation and/or a breast lift, sometimes as part of a mommy makeover. Women realize that they want their pre-pregnancy breast size and shape back — or in some cases, just finally decide that they’re tired of breasts that have been too small all their lives.

Breasts during menopause

One of the last significant changes in breasts occurs during menopause. Breasts are subject to further hormonal changes when estrogen drops during this time, resulting in often further sagging and shrinking. For this reason, many postmenopausal women opt for breast surgery as well, and are thrilled with the results.

No matter what your stage in life, the right breast surgery can make you feel more feminine and confident. Contact the office of Quinn Plastic Surgery today to schedule your complimentary consultation!

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